The Watauga Food Council held an Action Planning Session on January 19th, 2017 at 9 AM in the Watauga Agricultural Conference Center. This workshop was facilitated by Community Food Strategies, a multi-organizational initiative that works to empower local food councils with knowledge and organizational capacity to positively impact their community’s local food and farm economy.

What Happened: We worked through a Results-based Accountability action planning process to identify achievable, short and medium-term strategies that will impact Watauga County’s local food system.  

Who Was There: Over 50 individuals interested in making sure that Watauga County’s food system is just and fair, builds a strong community, supports vibrant farms, nourishes healthy people, supports sustainable ecosystems, and builds a thriving local economy. All were welcome and invited, whether they work for a food/farm agency, shop at the farmers’ market, or believe that everyone deserves healthy food!

Was There Food: Yes! We had a wonderful locally-sourced lunch (in January!), as well as coffee and pastries in the morning.

Action Planning Results

Through the Results Based Action (RBA) planning process, each Focus Area (Food Access & Security, Promotion of Local Food System & Healthy Food to Consumers, and Viable Career Choices) group developed a number of key strategies that our community can take in the near future. They also identified a number of indicators that could help us better know what success looks like. Below, you will find the full notes from each Focus Area's action planning process. 

Over the next few weeks, each Focus Area group will meet to begin work on their identified strategies. If you would like to learn more or become involved in a specific Focus Area group, please contact: 

Food Access & Security - Maria Julian (AppHealth) at

Promotion of Local Food System & Healthy Food to Consumers - Sadikshya Aryal (Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture) at

Viable Career Choices - Dave Walker (Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture) at